The Service

Thrive is a proactive approach to mental wellbeing, that can stand alone or strengthen any EAP scheme. It’s based on a solid business case and will provide employers with expert guidance and solution-focused coaching or counselling to support their employees. The average ROI for workplace mental health interventions is 4.1:1; and employers can achieve an ROI of up to 9:1 with proactive interventions. We believe that companies can achieve an ROI of 8:1 when they use Thrive.

We offer:

• Empowerment of management and HR with knowledge to prevent absence through the Thrive toolkit

• The ability for employees to self-assess—reducing the burden on line managers

• Solution-focused counselling and coaching to reduce costly sickness absence and presenteeism

• Employee guidance via a Thrive navigator

• Bespoke training modules

• HR advice